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Your dream book can become a reality so much easier than you imagine! Heidi Clingen has been using the “Talk Your Book System” for years to create books for others. However, hiring a professional writer or a ghostwriter to write your book for you can be a substantial investment that not everyone is prepared for. Now there is a Step-by-Step solution for you.

When I wrote my first book there were many unexpected challenges. I learned how to write the hard way, by trial and error. Unfortunately, I made several mistakes that were expensive lessons.

You can spend years and thousands of dollars learning the best way to create a book by trial and error like I did, or you can learn from Heidi and I the strategies and correct order to follow to get your book created in a fast and powerful way, using the Talk Your Book System, Easy Book Creation Without Writing!

Maybe you have a good idea how to write your book, but you feel like you don’t have the time. The Talk Your Book System, Easy Book Creation Without Writing is also a time-saver, and it eliminates writer’s block!

So what ELSE has been holding you back from writing the book you’ve thought about for so long? There are other people who could be helped by what you hold inside you – and you can help them if you just have a “system” to follow!

We all get preoccupied with the demands of business and life. How much time could you set aside to write your book, if you had a System to follow and guide you? Could you schedule 30 minutes a week for an online lesson, and then another 30 minutes for thinking and strategy time? Eventually, you’d want to add another hour for a weekly call that you would record and transcribe, which would begin to create content for your book.

Will you move the creation of your book high enough on your priority list to give it an hour or two every week? If you will do that, it can become a reality!



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