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“Talk Your Book System Online Course”


About the Course Creators

Bob is a book publisher, publishing coach, and manager of publishing Imprints. Bob loves to leverage his ability to promote positive change by assisting people create books and courses that will effect change in the world. Bob is the chairman of SEGR Publishing LLC and several Imprints that publish and create positive and impactive messages. Bob is the author of More Power, an Entrepreneur’s Roadmap to Success, and an entrepreneur who loves innovation and marketing. Bob is past President of North Dallas Rotary and resides in Grapevine Texas.
Heidi is a writer, editor, and book coach. Heidi formed Allwritey Word Polishing fifteen years ago to help experts, professionals, and speakers be successful using the power of words. Heidi earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism magna cum laude and was honored with a Dow Jones Foundation Fellowship. She held editing and staff positions at Apparel New Group, San Francisco Business Journal, and The Wall Street Journal. She has co-authored three books on consumer financial literacy and has helped many authors write impactful books. Heidi resides in Reno Nevada.





Here’s Just Some of What You’ll Get in the
Talk Your Book System Online Course:

  • Twenty-Seven Video Lessons
  • Covering every Step of the Talk Your Book System with detailed discussion.
  • Each lesson is around 15 to 20 minutes long, to make it easy for you to schedule
  • Every lesson will be available online via streaming video
  • Twenty-Seven Lessons in Audio Format
  • Listen while driving or at your convenience
  • Step-By-Step Assignments
  • Transcripts of Each Lesson
  • Downloads, PDFs, and Cheatsheets

Here is the Outline of Your Course!

Stage One: Prepare Your Book

Unit One: Decide Your Vision and Strategy

Lesson 1: Clarify Your Long-Term Goal
Lesson 2: Determine the Uniqueness of Your Book
Lesson 3: Choose Your Type of Book

Unit Two: Understand Your Readers

Lesson 1: Discover the Uniqueness of Your Readers
Lesson 2: Understand Your Perfect Reader/Avatar
Lesson 3: Confirm Your Assumptions Using Surveys

Unit Three: Establish Your Concept

Lesson 1: Choose Your Working Title & Sub-Title
Lesson 2: Set up Your URL and Social Media
Lesson 3: Gather Your Resource Materials

Stage Two: Record Your Book

Unit Four: Create Your Basic Outline

Lesson 1: Organize Your Resource Materials
Lesson 2: Masterplan Your Outline
Lesson 3: Choose Your Topics

Unit Five: Prepare Your Interview Questions

Lesson 1: Finish Your Outline
Lesson 2: Convert Your Outline intoTable of Contents
Lesson 3: Prepare Your TOC for Your Interviews

Unit Six: Set Up Your Interviews

Lesson 1: Find Your Interviewer
Lesson 2: Learn Technical Skills and Software
Lesson 3: Record Your Interviews

Stage Three: Compile Your Manuscript

Unit Seven: Produce Your Transcript

Lesson 1: Outsourcing a Transcription
Lesson 2: DIY Transcription
Lesson 3: Repurpose Interviews for Social Media

Unit Eight: Create Your 1st Draft

Lesson 1: Rework Your Transcript
Lesson 2: Revise Your Transcript Into a 1st Draft
Lesson 3: Review Your 1st Draft

Unit Nine: Complete Your 1st Draft

Lesson 1: Getting Professional Editing
Lesson 2: Getting Critical Reviews
Lesson 3: Get Professional Proofreaders

  • Cheatsheets and Downloads!
  • Resource links and Recommedations!
  • Online connection with other students!

For “early responders”, we will be provided limited opportunities to be on live calls after each lesson to get your questions answered.

This will be personal on-on-one interaction with Bob Bare and/or Heidi Clingen.

These calls will be recorded for replay if you miss them.

The first 25 students who sign up, will have access to THREE coaching calls with Bob and Heidi!
1.   30-minute, one-on-one Book Strategy Call
2.   30-minute, one-on-one Book Publishing Call
3.   30-minute, one-on-one Book Marketing Call
These calls may be done separately, or combined into one or two calls,
if all parties concerned are available at the requested times.

This is a comprehensive course, never before available, containing insider information and detail from both a writer/ editor and a Publisher. This is your opportunity to follow a step-by-step program to create the book you’ve always dreamed about!

How Long Do You Want to Write Your Book?

That’s a great question! 

  • You may have heard you can write your book in a weekend.
  • Books worth reading usually take longer than that to write. 
  • Decide how many hours per week you can devote to writing your book.
  • If you listen to one lesson (20 minutes) and do the assignment per week (1-3 hours), you can finish your manuscript in about half a year. 


What Clients are Saying About Your Name…

Bob is awesome at helping authors through the publishing and book marketing process! I so appreciate his expertise and how much he truly cares about his clients’ success.

Julie Anne Eason

Bob Bare’s publishing company has all the pieces to take you from idea through to distribution in the marketplace establishing you as the obvious expert. Anyone looking to get more results with their business or their book should work with Bob Bare. Patrick Dougher Host of The Business Spotlight TV show.

Patrick Dougher

Bob Bare is the ultimate old-school professional. He takes complicated systems and makes it simple to understand and duplicate. I highly recommend him.

Richard Krawczyk

“Heidi put me at ease with her professionalism, warmth, humor, and keen eye. Her guidance, instinct, and knowledge will bring me back for my next book.”

Ken Jenkins

“Heidi is an amazing editor. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and talented. She pushes writers to access their creative juices and writing style, while providing structure and guidelines. Heidi is a wonderful writing partner, the best editor for any project!”

Michael George Hofrath

“Heidi put me at ease with her professionalism, warmth, humor, and keen eye. Her guidance, instinct, and knowledge will bring me back for my next book.”

Jenna Lobos

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