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Bob is awesome at helping authors through the publishing and book marketing process! I so appreciate his expertise and how much he truly cares about his clients’ success.
Julie Anne Eason
Bob Bare’s publishing company has all the pieces to take you from idea through to distribution in the marketplace establishing you as the obvious expert. Anyone looking to get more results with their business or their book should work with Bob Bare. Patrick Dougher Host of The Business Spotlight TV show.
Patrick Dougher
Bob Bare is the ultimate old-school professional. He takes complicated systems and makes it simple to understand and duplicate. I highly recommend him.
Richard Krawczyk
“Heidi put me at ease with her professionalism, warmth, humor, and keen eye. Her guidance, instinct, and knowledge will bring me back for my next book.”
Ken Jenkins
“Heidi is an amazing editor. She is intuitive, knowledgeable, and talented. She pushes writers to access their creative juices and writing style, while providing structure and guidelines. Heidi is a wonderful writing partner, the best editor for any project!”
Michael George Hofrath
Heidi has expanded my vision of my brand and brought about insightful ideas. Her edits on my book and suggestions inspired me and shifted my creative flow. I highly recommend working with Heidi!
Jenna Lobos
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